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Offers services of written and oral translation. Our agency of translations will assist you in settlement of the problems, facing you, concerning translation of various documentation from foreign languages into Georgian and vice versa. Our Agency of Translations has a professional staff of experienced translators of the most of European and Asian languages. The high professionalism of our employees, the broadest spectrum of services, efficiency of performing the order, serviceability, and many other aspects make our agency favorably distinguishable at the market of translation services.

The high quality is the basic principle of our work, which we faithfully follow and which we are proud of. The translated material undergoes stylistic and grammatical check and only afterwards is handed over to the Customer. We are ready to take any requests of the Customer into consideration concerning the style and terminology of the translation.

We are always ready to take and perform the most pressing order. The Bureau of Translations ''Translate International'' has enough resources for performing of pressing orders of large volume.

We guarantee perfect confidentiality and safety of documents.
Cost policy
Prices for our services are rather competitive and it is one more argument in our favor. You pay for quality. Moreover, we have got the system of discounts at large volumes and for permanent clients.

According to the Customer we can make a translation of a document at complete observing of the initial design at preservation of tables, pictures, etc. We keep all the basic formats of computer documents.
Spectrum of services
The Agency of Translations “Translate International” offers the broadest spectrum of service to clients:
· written translation
· oral translation
· simultaneous translation
· notarized translation of documents

Handy service
Our clients may place and receive the ready work without leaving their office. Translators of our bureau have a twenty-four-hour access to the Internet and perform the orders in the on-line mode. We can also deliver you the fulfilled work to the specified address in any point of the city of Tbilisi. The payment can be in cash or cashless (bank transfer, in cash at your office, postal order, or any other way offered by you).